Ram Island Farm is privately-owned property of the descendants of P. Shaw Sprague. Held for the family by The Sprague Corporation, RIF is dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of this beautiful area and the conservation of its bounteous wildlife for the peaceful enjoyment of the family.

This 400-plus acre portion of the property includes a horse-boarding operation with some of the most beautiful trails and bridal paths in the area. Spurwink Farm opens its doors to a variety of community equestrian events as well.


From restoring native habitats, to progressive timbering operations, to the support of community farming, we care for the land.

Cape Farm Alliance
Forestry Management
NE Cottontail
Piping Plover

This popular fresh-water pond is accessible by the public via a pedestrian easement granted to the Town of Cape Elizabeth by The Sprague Corporation. See the map for its exact location.

Officially opened in 1966, Crescent Beach State Park was started with contributions from the Sprague Family.

A great place for a meeting, reception or other family event, Sprague Hall has been home for the Cape Elizabeth Grangers for nearly 100 years.


This beautiful island offers a peaceful perimeter walk and limited overnight camping.

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